About us

RockaChic is sexy provocative fashion created for girls that just want to have fun. At RockaChic we design custom costumes, accessories and clothing. With us you can be sure it’s just the right amount of sexy.




Founder/ Creative Director- Alina Ratuska

Alina Ratuska is a polish-german creative director, event planner, designer, and stylist. She is the founder and creative mind behind RockaChic , Kinkyrabbitclub and the former creative director at snctm. Alina started working in the nightlife and entertainment industry designing costumes for performers and hosting events all over Europe.  Ibiza’s nightlife and fashion served as her biggest inspiration while creating her brand “RockaChic”. Founded in 2009 as a event and entertainment company creating theme based events, shows and costumes, Alina’s RockaChic has been the highlight and entertainment choice for several different companies and private clients. As Alina continues to expand the RockaChic style and clothing brand, customers can now purchase personally designed, custom made costumes and dresses from the RockaChic online store rockachic.com/shop