February 2014


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SACHIKA is the creation of TO-TAM & TO-NYA. The identical twin sister duo from Paris designs unique outstanding fashion for the fierce, modern woman from today. There styles are totally RockaChic and gonna make you stand out from the crowd! Get inspired this Saturday when they gonna Rock the runway!

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Not without my lashes!

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They all wear them… they all love them! BIG BOLD LASHES!!! From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, you will never see celebrities without! Preparing for a girls night out, or just want to look a bit more fresh in the morning? False lashes are the perfect solution. If individuals or strip lashes, they all make your eye pop and look sexy.( Shop our favorite ones here)!

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Rocka Street Chic!



RockaChic wardrobes are badass, free, sexy, and just a little unique. RockaChic Girls are fashionistas who like to mix rock-and-roll aesthetic pieces with elegant glamour.

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